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2011 amber, butters, caramels OOE sale


These pretty babies are homo or 66% p/h for amel, anery, hypo A and stripe. One of the caramels looks to maybe be homo anery, but I'm not certain. The first caramel pictured is the female. All have shed and been offered food. See notes below for who's eaten what. OUT OF EGG SALE prices are available until the baby has eaten three meals. Thanks for looking.

0.1 amber; $31.25 - has eaten twice - SOLD
1.1 butters; male $20, female $25; male has eaten twice, she's been offered once but declined
3.1 caramels; males $17.50 female $21.88 - two males have eaten twice. One was offered once but hasn't eaten yet. The female has eaten twice.


  • OxS amber rsz.JPG
    OxS amber rsz.JPG
    92.3 KB · Views: 142
  • OxS butter male rsz.JPG
    OxS butter male rsz.JPG
    124 KB · Views: 137
  • OxS caramel 1 female rsz.jpg
    OxS caramel 1 female rsz.jpg
    185.6 KB · Views: 136
  • OxS car 3 rsz_1.jpg
    OxS car 3 rsz_1.jpg
    175 KB · Views: 137
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Thanks! You'd asked about the female caramel. She's pictured after the butter and before a male caramel. She's in the deli cup without a lid, if that helps clarify.
That's the male butter in the picture. The female looks essentially the same, but I can get a picture of her if you want one.