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2022 BrightHope pairings

Here are Odin (Caramel Ghost Stripe het Amel) and Sunlight. She's either a Citrine het Stripe or a Xanthic Snow het Hypo, Stripe. I have hatched a fair few Xanthic Snows and I believe that Sunlight is a Citrine. Hopefully this season I'll find out.

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Haha, I love how the male is looking at you all surprised and offended that you're taking a picture!
Right? He's all, "Privacy, PUH-LEEEZE!!" So I got that one shot and closed the bin. [emoji1787]

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I know that conventional wisdom says that one mating should be enough. I hope that's true for Sunlight. I'm afraid that's all she's going to get. Odin was going blue when they were successfully paired before. It took a while to get a lock then. The two times I've tried since, he just isn't willing. She's been doing her best, but he's pretty much ignoring her. So I guess he's deep blue and she's singing the blues.

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Fingers crossed for you! Hopefully once will be enough. My only pairing this year would only breed twice. Female was ready to go, but my male was only vaguely interested. And then the last time I tried pairing them, my female was *not* having it anymore! (And of course my male was attracted to her frantic movements.)
Thanks for the crossed fingers. It's Sunlight's first season. She definitely has those slightly squishy sides that females get with follicles. Hoping once is enough for her, and I will cross my fingers that twice is enough for your girl!

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Update: I was pretty sure after checking on Tulip last night before bed that she would lay during the night. This morning I awoke to find that she had..... one egg so far.

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Thanks, me too! I'm not bothering her, but I did try and take a cloudy peek through the sides of the bin and lay box. I can see that there are more eggs. Oh, and Esperanza has cleared a space at the end of her lay box and has that faraway look today.

I think I'll go work on a loaf of sourdough. Maybe I'll knead away some of the anxiousness.... [emoji854]

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Update: Nine hours after discovering Tulip’s first egg, I opened her bin to checked on her and offer her a drink which she declined. I didn’t squeal with delight, but I wanted to! I took a few fast pictures, closed the bin again. So far, counting the first egg which I removed this morning, I’ve counted sixteen beautiful eggs! She isn’t finished yet. I didn’t actually lift and palpate her, but I can clearly tell that she has more inside. Hurray, Tulip! Keep up the good work!

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Congrats on the eggs! She wanted to treat to you Easter eggs, but was off by one day.
Lol maybe that's it. These certainly are a lovely treat. I'll happily take eggs like these any day! I'll do one more check late tonight and update afterward.

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Today is obviously my lucky day. I haven't done a final check on Tulip tonight, but I did check on Esperanza and found this. I count 11 or 12, and she's possibly got another one or two. This means I've got real hopes of babies by Artephius. Definitely a memorable day here!

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Tulip seems to be finished. She laid 20 beautiful, healthy eggs with not a single slug. That's a personal best for her. She had good long drink. Tomorrow I'll offer her a snack. I realize I'm anthropomorphizing, but I think she looks justifiably proud.

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Esperanza has now laid 18 beautiful eggs! She is finished. When I checked on her last night, it must've disturbed her enough that she relocated a few inches. This morning's check revealed a tired mama with a "double" clutch, lol. So the question of whether or not Artephius is still fertile has been answered with a resounding YES. Hallelujah!

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With Tulip and Baldr, I'll get all stripes, possibly some cubes. Tulip has produced cubes, as has Baldr's sire. I have a small cube project, so cubes are welcome. I'll find out if Baldr is het amel. I'll likely hang onto a few for other projects. I am working toward some hypoberry then strawberry caramels, butters and stripes. I've also got plans to blend in some peach.

With Esperanza and Artephius, well, I'm definitely interested in making more like Artephius though that's probably going to be F2. Esperanza hasn't been bred to anybody with diffusion before, but she's produced babies with a plain belly, as well as widely split belly checkers. Idk if that was masque or what. The sire didn't show those traits. Rich Z. had kept her to breed, noting her as "odd amber." I don't really know what to expect from this pairing but am happy to take what I get and expand plans from there.

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For my other pairings this year - Odin X Sunlight, prove her citrine as I believe, or xanthic snow. Make some citrines, maybe a citrine stripe, and I'd love to get a caramel ghost stripe female. Could work well with other projects.

Rubik X Victory will test her for amel and anery. Babies will be at least het amel, stripe, and diffuse caramel. Not just any diffuse caramel, as she's by Artephius. They can slide nicely into many projects.

Final pair, Artephius X Princess Irene. Would love to get more like daddy. Might prove whether his het is Motley or stripe, as she's het stripe. May hit some sulphur, which would be nice.

That may be more info than you wanted. If so, apologies. I can talk about breeding plans the way some people can talk about fantasy football. Lol

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