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New member
my corn escaped 4 days ago actually 5 days since its past 1 AM where do you think he has gone?i look ed EVERYWHERE and they say things happen when you least expect it but now since i heard that im ALWAYS expecting it so its not working.should i worry?or is it too early to worry?hes 14 inches long and three fourths of an inch thick.i tried duct tape traps at the doorways, any advice? :shrugs:
...i tried duct tape traps at the doorways, any advice? :shrugs:

I'm no expert, but I'm thinking duct tape probably isn't such a good idea for snake catcher, especially a hatchling. The tape could hurt him/her when you remove the snake from it..

Just my UN-educated opinion here tho..
Something needs to be done now to prevent future escapes or you're going to have a dead snake on your hands if you're ever able to find it. If you're willing to accept the responsibility of caring for an animal, then it isn't that much more difficult to make the proper arrangements for secure housing.

There are lots of ideas on this forum for securing lids to aquariums or keeping lids on sterilites or just about any corn rig as long as it's not something obscure that a corn probably shouldn't be housed in in the first place. Velcro, binder clips, books, straps, bungee cords, whatever it takes that is safe and not overly difficult to remove each time you need to get into the enclosure.

I don't understand how people who have repeated escapes handle it. I never had an escape and I wouldn't be able to sleep at night unless I was 99.9% sure that there was no way for one of my snakes to escape.

Just do what it takes to fix the problem. I don't understand making the investment of time and money to purchase and care for an animal but then being lackluster enough that it escapes never to be seen again.

I wouldn't buy a dog, bring it home the first day, tie it to a tree with a single piece of thread, and expect it to still be there the next time I came back.
well actually zwyatt i was gone and my cuzin creeped into my room and left it on a tree in my room. so it wasnt my fault he(cuzin)knows not to go in my room without my permission.so ya.anywho where should i look for him?
First, pick up the duct tape! If it gets caught on that, it will rip his skin off. Then you just have an injured snake instead of a lost snake! Try searching the forums for missing snake, I'm sure you will find lots of ideas on how to catch them. You could even try to search on yahoo.com.
:-offtopic I seriously think that kids don't take any grammar or spelling classes in school anymore! :sidestep:

well with a title like... Again, would i be right in guessing this isn't the first time you allowed your snake to escape, or was your cousin to blame that time too ( yawns ) and also stating the you might use tape to catch it, would make me suggest you arent the brighest of people therefore it might be an idea to give your poor snake to someone with the intelligence to look after and care for it, before you cause it more stress or perhaps even killing the poor thing.
put a lock on the cage and that solves the cousin problem, also one good idea is taking a clean milk jug(with the top portion cut off and putting a few oof those around and hopefully he will think it as a secure place to hide and stay there untill you find them, also duct tape is bad, take it off the floor, also try looking inside backpacks and anything that he could have gotten into and hide for long periods.

no hes gotten out twice
once in my old piece o'crap cage
and this time right now he has a secure lid but yah im going to get a lock to prevent ppl from messing with him.
and as for the duct tape i am up all night looking for him so i would hear or spot him right at the moment
i had a gecko get caught on a ductape lining in my garage(we were painting it) and it took me 3 hours to get him compleatly off the tape, he ended up loosing a few scales and his tail in the process, it was not fun getting a live wriggly creature off a sticky substance. trust me get the duct tape off the floor

well actually zwyatt i was gone and my cuzin creeped into my room and left it on a tree in my room. so it wasnt my fault he(cuzin)knows not to go in my room without my permission.so ya.anywho where should i look for him?

Well, actually, it doesn't much matter to me how he escaped. Was it your cousin's (sorry, cuzin's) fault the first time too?

I still stand by my original response. If something like this is to be avoided in the future, it requires more responsibility. I don't have anything to add about where to look for your snake or how to go about getting him back. There are countless threads on this forum dedicated to this subject. It's not necessary that a host of people reply to this thread and regurgitate the same advice that they've given 10 other people who were in the same situation that you find yourself.
ive heard that puring lines of flour across doorways works since they leave little trails behind them if they go through it.
It always amazes me how it's always another kids fault "the snake got loose". There are some wonderful tanks made by Critter Cages that have a sliding lid with a built in bracket for a padlock. They use them in pet stores to keep people from stealing, and would work very well for keeping the little kids out. As for finding the snake, there are lots of threads with plenty of good ideas on catching them, as mentioned. Try doing a search on bottle trap as well.
Here is how to make a bottle trap...

- Take a 2 liter bottle of soda and get to drinking...
- When you finish, cut it into two pieces about where the top of the label is...
- Turn the top piece around so that it points at the inside bottom of the other piece and connect the pieces...
- Take the duck tape off of the floor and use it to connect the pieces... You can also staple the two pieces together but be carefull when you take them apart to get the snake out...
- Bait it with a mouse (live or dead) suitable for the size of the snake or just place it along the baseboard in your room or somewhere he may be traveling...

You can also buy a minow type trap with the funnel openings on both ends at Wal-mart which works well...

I am not going to be a jerk like some of the other posters and blame you because I know how much you love this snake and I know how honory kids can be... Just remember how many times you have probably gotten into your parents stuff and lost it... Same idea, just now you are the one learning how to kid proof your stuff...
thanks sfaoldguy your not a jackoff like some of the other ppl here
ya know im sry youre right ppl i should have gone back in time and stopped my cuzin
wt!?yah yall ppl have never had a little kid lose something of yours?hes 4 im not going to smack him he'll cry his head off im getting a lock like one of you said.and i laughed when you said "and get to drinkin"HENNESSY
lol jp
your not a jackoff like some of the other ppl here

I'm sorry you feel that way, but I won't appologize for anything I've said here. Life sucks and reality isn't all sugar plums and gum drops. If you're lucky, once a while in life you'll run into somebody who speaks their mind and doesn't sugar coat things just to make you feel better about your situation.

Who asked you to go back in time to change what happened? Did it ever occur to you that maybe what I was saying was intended to start the gears turning in your head to get you to take some preemptive measures. That way, when I open this site tomorrow, I don't have to read the third "My sankes gawn..." thread that you've started. :rolleyes:

No, I've never had a young kid lose or break anything of mine. That may be partly due to the fact that 1) They know the rules and the consequences of breaking them. 2) I'm wise enough to forsee that a young kid might just not do everything they are told and I take steps in advance to prevent them from doing whatever negative action it is that I suspect they may attempt.

I may be a "jackoff" but I've never lost a snake;)
Since when should a 4 year old be left unsupervised with any animal, let alone a snake? I'm awaiting the "My cuzin killt my snake!11" thread. Get a lock for the cage, and your room while you're at it. If you knew he was prone to sneaking your snake around, you should have secured him much sooner.

By the way, I hope you find him!