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Another photo, Miami Phased (Male)


Corn Manic
hope that you all like him. He is just taking a little fuzzie in the photo, now he is eatting adult mouse once a week. Got him two years ago as a miami phased corn! :)


  • miami phased 6.jpg
    miami phased 6.jpg
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Fine-looking animal. Is it just me or does he look like a cross between a Miami and a normal??
but that was a very old picture...I posted a long time ago...

I don't know the parents of the miami. But then it was from a pet shop that tried to feed it a cricket....and it was super thiny and dehydrated....so this one was kind of a rescued kind of guy... and he is doing great right now....even takes in two adult mice once every 10 days....
Yeah...I would totally hate to see a nice snake turn into eating crickets and because 'he wouldn't eat' and dies....I know that I shouldn't of done it because this makes the shop get more in....but I have talked to the owner about them not eating crickets and he 'promised' me (don't know if he is doing it right now...but hopefully he is...) that he'll feed any other corn snakes pinky mouse from that day onwards...

I hope that he didn't lie to me....
Very Nice corn... I wish I had him... LOL but what can I say Im glad you saved him when I couldnt... its kinda sad that you have to pay to save him dont you think? Should of just asked if you could have him... LOL
welll I talked to the guy for like more than an hour just trying to convience him that they are able to take in pinkies....
and after talking to him...I was already out of breath...
so didn't try to talk him into giving it to me for free...
but it would be nice if he did give it to me for free....
LOL...of course I am...
I mean if someone gave you a snake for free would you want it?
Don't tell me you wouldn't cause if you did you are lying!!
Why didn't you give them to me??!?!?!?!

Where are you located???????
Give some to me!!
geez i odonno but tanx for bringen up fond mammories of simon and silvertounge.
Serpwidgets said:
hi guys wat does teh 1.1 stuff mean

As if we don't have enough vile thread necromancers around here. :grin01:

"Im thinkig of bying a corn. Can you tell me evry thing about them? Your sposed to be here to help me!!!1111 Isnt that why this place is here?!!!11"
ya im n00b 2 n wnt 2 no wut 1.1 meens n i hav a sunglw n my frnd has a slivrqeen n if we breed tem 2gther wut do we get sunglw slverqeens i luv ths site cuz evry1 luvs snakes 2 CRON SNAKES RULLE!!!!!111