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Are lilies toxic to corn snakes?


New member
I have some lilies that I've grown and put in a very heavy vase on my table. My snake has climbed them. A friend sent me some info that lilies are toxic to reptiles. Does anyone know if this is true?

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Your friend is right. Lilies are indeed toxic to most reptiles including snakes. They can cause illness up to and including death. Lilies shouldn't ever be included in your reptile's viv, nor is climbing on them a good idea.

In addition, lilies are highly and I mean HIGHLY toxic to cats. My daughter is a veterinarian and she has treated too many cats who took a sample nibble of a lily in a bouquet. It doesn't take much to be fatal to felines, nor too long since ingestion for treatment to be unsuccessful. She's said that even brushing against the flowers and later licking pollen of their fur when grooming. I love lilies, but I love my pets more. I steer clear of true lilies (the Lilium family) and day lilies (the Hemerocallis family). O
Note: the common houseplants which are often known as "peace lilies" (Spathiphyllum) are fine.

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Wow, thank you for that info. I won't ever bring another one into the house again. My snake seems fine, luckily. I would be devastated if I accidentally poisoned her.

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You're welcome. I had no idea myself until I worked with a vet. It's always good to remember that "natural" doesn't necessarily mean "safe." I'm a big proponent of natural foods, natural products, eco-friendly ways of doing things. I'm also well aware that many poisons and toxins are found and nature, quite apart from human action.

Glad your cute little snake is doing well.

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Thank you, yes that's such good advice. Caffeine and nicotine are natural pesticides, after all. I gave her a bath this morning in case she had any pollen on her, and changed out her favorite hide. I imagine it would have affected her right away but will keep a close eye on her for the next few days.

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Lilies can also be toxic to dogs, probably not lethal though. I don't know why pet owners would consider every bringing them into their homes.

If you want to grow plants in their tank just pick a species that grows well in low light and make sure pesticides weren't used. Start with something like a creeping fig!