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Blue cornsnakes??


New member
I'm going to start breeding corns in a couple years. One breeder says he has blue ghost corns. He says the parents were blue too. Does this mean the blue is a trait that will be passed down to their offspring????

I can wait to start my collection of corns

I think that the blue ghost you are talking about are a selectively bred morph so you would have to get a pair if you want to have babies with the same colour. Also i don't know if you have seen them but they are not that blue, but they have a blue tint to the normal ghost colour.
yeah, i havent seen a pic yet

anyone reccomend some good morphs to breed that dont cost to much, but produce interesting colors/ patterns?? (under 100$ for a pair)

I'm not in it for the money, i just want to raise some babies to adults, then get more babies from the ones I raised :rolleyes:

hmmmm, really dont know maybe bloodreds???

i'm color blind so slight tints will be hard to see


When it come down to what morph you should get you should just get what ever you like visually.

To get some ideas go to www.serpentco.com. Rich has just about every morph and great pics of them all.
:-offtopic Billybobob...wtf is up with ur signature? Is it a joke? Or is it sposed to be funny?
i really like lavender corns, but i'll see what the blue ghost look like. Bloodreds are some of favorites.

If I get 2 normals that are het for blood red, what babies should I expect?????

I really dont know what the het/ double het/ homozygous is exactly, but i have an idea any links that explain this???


"Blue Ghost Corn"

I personally am not too impressed with the "Blue" Ghost corns...

Your het Bloodreds will produce Normals and Bloodreds...

If you want a fun project that will produce a variety of surprises for you at hatching time, purchase a pair of multi het snakes...


Male: Amel het Anery Caramel X Female: Snow het Caramel
= Amel, Anery, Butter, Caramel and Snow offspring
I've been gathering materials for a while for breeding corns, but now I am starting to realize that I just dont have enough time before college to have mature snakes and breed/sell them.. I think I am going the route of collecting ......just buying more eye appealing snakes without intention of breeding. Anyone have any reccomendations to corn morphs that make great pets...i was thinking bloodred since they change color over time......or maybe candy cane corns

I could, though, buy a more mature snake and be able to breed teh following year instead of waiting for a hatchling to fully grow..


Ok, I've heard of "blue motleys," and I remember that ice corns were (two years ago) being called "blue ice," but I've never heard of "blue ghost" before. Could someone post a link or picture or whatever to explain the who/what/where of "blue ghost" corns? :shrugs:
I'm glad you asked...I've been wondering that exact same thing ever since I read this earlier in the evening.

I've only ever heard of 'Blue Motleys' as well, and I'd have to say even that name is up in the air.

Only thing that I can think of is he was referring to a 'blue-eyed ghost', of which I've still never seen one. :shrugs:
I have seen blue eyes on corns. IMO they are not nearly as blue as my own eyes, but they are gray with a definite blue to them, especially in the right lighting. (What really freaked me out was seeing this on an orange ultramel hatchling! ... DUDE! <img src=http://www.cornsnakes.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=23893&stc=1> )

The difference (as I percieve it) is about like this:
<font color=38B6E4>blue eyes on a human</font>
<font color=8EB1BE>blue eyes on a corn</font>

Still, very cool. :)
Serpwidgets said:
<font color=8EB1BE>blue eyes on a corn</font>

There's a charcoal corn that I have on breeding loan for this season that has what I would consider blue eyes, and this is about as acurate as you can get with it. And yes, it has to be in bright light, like durring the day, because in dull light the eyes look like a normal grey color. It's really wild.........
I am referring to to bue ghost motleys, dont have a pic, but the breeder says the bue is definantly noticable on the scales, not eyes.

anyone seen this???

Here's some hatchling pics on their website...go about 1/2 way down the page...they discuss the "Blue Motley" and have a comparison pic!


I had one in the past, but with age, it looked more like a very nice pastel motley and lost most of the blueish look IMO... I still like them though!
I have seen these in person at shows. While they are nice looking anery motleys, I've never seen one that makes me think the word "blue" should be associated with them.

As far as what genetically separates these from other anery motleys, until someone has breeding results to report that would indicate otherwise, I would assume it is selective breeding. :)