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  • Hey Stephanie, Tara and I have been looking into purchasing and raising a baby bearded dragon (having taken in, and enjoyed keeping, several resuce beardies over the years). We always love the looks of the Italian Leatherback beardies at shows, and saw that Dragon Fortress sells a lot of them. I took a look @ the BOI and saw that you had a friend become embroiled in a dispute with them. How did that end? Was it ever resolved? I also found several other threads with some bad info... so I am thinking we are going to look elsewhere. If you know of any other good beardie breeders in the area, please let me know!
    You're inbox is full =o. I will still be ready to receive her on Tuesday tho =)
    Just seeing if you happen to know anything about that show up your way tomarrow...if it's still going to happen.
    Hey Steph, Just wanted to let you know my two guys are doing great! The eye thing is all cleared up. I'll send some pics soon. Lee
    hey girl, see that egg finally hatched. Cutie, sure is :*) been off the net awhile, thinks got kinda...hectic...end of summer til after Xmas. If you still stuck with that ball python muy apologies...Chris
    Thank you he is beautiful, but too young. I would really like an 07 her age or older. The female is motley in my avatar and in my photo album.
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