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Box turtle evacuation

Rich Z

Staff member
The other day Connie and I were taking a hike on our property, and we went down in to a bit of a hollow where we had planted white bamboo. Been quite a while since we had been in that area. We found a box turtle shell laying in that hollow, so I decided to bring it up and place it on a stump near the garage. Maybe the lizards will use it when the weather gets warmer and they get more active for a shelter.

We have found maybe a half dozen shells over the years. Hopefully they died from just old age and not from some predator or fire ants. We see them every now and again, particularly when our temporary pond fills up after a heavy rain. They tend to burrow under the pine needles, so they are more secretive than you would think. But even one sitting out among the leaves and pine needles isn't as easily spotted as you might hope while just walking along in the woods.


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