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Cape San Blas, Salinas Park, Florida

Rich Z

Staff member
On Thursday Connie and I decided to take a drive to Cape San Blas to go to the St. Joseph Peninsula state park. Unfortunately the park was filled to capacity, so we would up sitting at the entrance waiting for someone to leave so we could go it. We decided to turn around and just go elsewhere, so we wound up going to Salinas Park right at the junction of the mainland and the cape.


It looked like the park area must have gotten quite a bit of damaged from (I guess) hurricane Michael, as most of the area's trees were bulldozed and gone, just leaving basically an empty sand lot. But the beach area and water looked pretty nice, regardless.

I just took a few real quick videos, but didn't spend a lot of time, since I only had the camcorder mounted on a monopod. So stability wasn't the best. I wanted to try out the 4K/60fps option anyway, so that was good enough for what I wanted.