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Changes in enclosure made snake restless


New member
Hello, I would like to say from the beginning that I know that snakes sometimes take time to adjust to new enclosures. As I have stated in the title I have made some changes in my snakes enclosure (different substrate and hides) and he has been moving around quite a lot. I am worried because he is quite old (about 17-20 years) and has been quite lethargic past few years. Should I revert the changes to calm him down or do I wait some more time (I has been about a day now)? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
Thank you for the answer. I planned the change in-between the feeding cycle as to avoid him being just fed or needing to feed so we should be good there. I'll give him some more time and watch him.
That's generally how I time it as well when making changes.
It's also breeding season, so that could contribute to the restlessness.