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Citrus - 2021

Rich Z

Staff member
We didn't think we were going to do all that well with the citrus this year, but things actually turned out better than we thought they would. Connie's Meyer lemon trees didn't look like they did all that well looking at them from the front porch of the house, but when I walked in back of them, well, different story there!

Then the Poncan tangerine trees, especially the larger of the bunch in that particular spot, really went all out this year. It's going to be a struggle to eat them all before they go past their prime. But we are sure going to give it a try, since those are about the best tasting tangerines around. At least in our opinion. Since we haven't been buying much fresh fruit lately, these are a real treat for us.


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Yeah, makes those little things you normally find in the grocery stores seem pretty puny, doesn't it?
I haven't really checked into it, but I suspect shipping citrus in Florida might be a problem. Which is too bad, because I seriously doubt Connie and I can eat all of the fruits before they go past their prime. We have been giving them away locally to some friends and neighbors, but hardly making a dent in them.

Otherwise, yeah I would ship some to you. :shrugs:

Sure wish the citrus trees would spread it out a bit and produce fruits all year long. Actually the various varieties we have used to ripen in wider separate time periods, but lately they seem to have become synchronized and pretty much all ripen around the same time now. But there is a slight variation from one grove to another. Ones that get warmer and have more hours of sunlight a day will ripen a bit sooner. But not enough time to finish off the earlier ones before the later ones become ripe.
That was my attempt to be funny with a comment on those impressive examples. They look delicious but l would not want you to go through the trouble shipping fruit. I’m sure your neighbors are enjoying them.
Do any of the local wild life have any interest in the Citrus fruit?
Not to worry. I took your question seriously, and honestly if I could, I would send you some fruits. I really hate to think that some of them will just rot on the trees. Those Poncan tangerines are SOOO good!

Squirrels did a number on the citrus as well as pears last year.


So I decided that they really didn't need to be living around here. One or more of the local hawks figured out that a gunshot from my porch meant a free meal of squirrel meat. But honestly, been slim pickings for them lately as the herd has been greatly reduced. That being said, I did kill 4 of them the last couple of days, which surprised me. Probably surprised them too, I suppose.

Interestingly enough, the local deer got it into their minds that they liked eating citrus leaves. We have had citrus for decades and last year was the first time we ever had that kind of a problem. For them I just set up "bunny blasters" (https://www.orbitonline.com/product/yard-enforcer-motion-activated-sprinkler/) and that seems to keep them away pretty effectively.

Truth be known, I am REAL surprised that we haven't had bears getting into the fruit.
Curious if your local deer are substituting the citrus leaves for something else they can no longer find.:shrugs:
Or maybe a new generation of deer that are more aggressive food samplers.
Enjoy.......and may 2022 be a good one!
No telling what is going through the minds of those deer. They only went after the two larger Meyer lemon trees, and ignored a bunch of small ones we have planted elsewhere. At the same time they took a liking to three Satsuma tangerine trees, but not interested in other varieties. Nor another Satsuma in another area.

Last year we had a rat chewing off branches of a Cara Cara Navel tree between our garage and shed and dragging the branches underneath the shed. I guess making a nest there. I had to use a live trap to catch that varmint and then use a .22 to make sure he (or she) never did that damage again.

Sometimes we get the feeling that nature is turning against us here.

Anyway, thanks for the well wishes and hope 2022 is kind to you.

To everyone else, too, hope you have a really nice year this year.