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Craft pumpkin as festive hide?


New member
I saw some craft pumpkins at the store yesterday and I want to know if anyone knows if they would be safe to Be carved and used as a hide for the cool side of my snakes tank? They feel like hard Styrofoam but I really don't know.
I would be careful with it. Some styrofoam can outgas small quantities of harmful fumes that may not be detrimental to you, but for a small snake curled up in it, perhaps a sadly different story. And since a LOT of this sort of stuff comes from China these days, with a whole lot less safety controls and inspections, that would be even more worrisome to me.

If you want the festive decoration, try going to a hardware store with a lot of outdoor decorations and try to find such things made out of hardened clay. That would likely be safer.