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do, you ever notice?


Crazy Herp Chick
Hey everyone,
Just curious but do you ever notice that sometimes you cornsnake will be really happy to see you and the next day hates you or is mad? It's wierd sometimes I'll take out little nicky pie and he'll be slithering along then the next day in a temper tantrum wiping you with there tail? It's so odd then sometimes I notice hell be ever so noisy poking his little head out spying on us then he'll get all shy talk about a personnality? geez I can't keep up with my snakes personnality and mood. I never know what to expect anyone else notice this or am I stuck with a crazy (but cute) little snake?
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I would imagine that they are like people in that aspect. Everyone has those days where they don't want to be bothered. I know I have had them although I have never whiped anyone with my tail of course;)
I noticed today on returning home from work that when I checked on my snake and she rattled her tail and struck at me. I left her alone or a minute while I went and washed my hands. When I returned she made no aggressive display and crawled right up my arm. I wonder if it was just a strange scent or a coincidence?
I think some of them are just nuts. My female wriggles all crazy sometimes when my daughter picks her up. She is always moving when either of us hold her. She's somewhat spastic and never calm when we attempt to pick her up. Our male on the other hand is like a wet noodle. It's like someone slipped him some muscle relaxers with his last mouse! Hahaha
I haven't noticed too much difference in my corns. Whenever they see me, they always act like it's dinner time. Could be worse. I just found out how scary it is to have a red-tail boa really pissed at you. I had a temporary brain fart the last time I fed my boas. Thought I was feeding an aggressive feeder when I was really feeding the only one that likes to take his time. When he didn't strike at dinner, I teased him a bit by bumping the rat on his side several times. He didn't like it. I never knew a snake could hiss so loudly and for so long! He kept it up for over an hour! If I came within 3 feet of his cage, it got WORSE and he would strike at me with such force that I was afraid he would injure himself when he hit the cage wall! And all this from a normally VERY docile boa! I'd really hate to get my normally NASTY boa angry at me!