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  • Just wondering ... If I'm a 'contributor' with a $25 subscription, does that allow me to edit my posts? Thanks!
    Ken .... Aha! Just found my answer! And I'm now a paid member! Always nice to help in some small way, and there are benefits.
    Hi Susan,
    I think I might have logged on twice in the last few years. Don't see many familiar names anymore, but glad to see you were still on here.
    Susan, I am sorry but I placed an ad (extreme okeetee wanted) in the "for sale" section. Then I couldn't figure out how to delete it. I put it in the "wanted section." Sorry! -Jonathan
    Hi Susan. I would like to delete my thread, as all the snakes are sold, but how do I do it. The option to edit/delete does not show up on my original thread. It does show up on reply's down into the thread, but I can only erase/edit the later reply, not the original, thanks, Brad Lichtnhan
    How did you do this year. I got the same thing kinks and no hatching but fully developed
    Hi my name is Kandi Tomlin. I got this site address and your name from my neighbor. I can't think of her name at the moment but we live in Hillwood Pointe Apartment. Anyways she gave me your info because I had a baby columbian red tail boa about a month old. I had him for a week n a half but he was my baby. He unfortunately got to much sun and had a heat stroke. I cried for 2 days. My neighbor said you may be able to help me with some advise, pointers, or tips, and you may be able to get a columbian red tail even though you work mostly with corn snakes. I was and am very hurt over losing my baby snake. I loved him so much! Thank you for your time. Kandi Tomlin 9043388511

    I am new to the site and read the rules. But I wanted to make sure I understood them.

    I have created a classified ad website for exotic pets. Am I allowed to mention this information/include it in my introduction or is this prohibited.

    Elsewhere in the rules it talks about creating threads to draw traffic away from the site.

    Please advise.
    I didn't make the video, just have it posted where I can find it easily. It's stickied in my personal forum, but here is a link: "Slap" Method of Tease Feeding
    Oh then what did she read to me? it was some numbers she gave me that the meds was too high. Or maybe she was talking about something else and I just did not get it I will call her now and ask her what she was talking about.
    WOW!! You got blood test results back from your doctor the same day!! Most drug level tests take at least 24 hours as they have to go out to the lab and then 99.9% of the time, your doctor won't let you know the results until after you've called them several times over the next week requesting them!
    Hey Susan!! I whent to the doctors this morning and they did a blood test and found that the meds iam on for my mental issues was way too high. They got my meds to drop and they said it will all be okay now I sure hope so.
    hi susan i have questions that need to ask you .male Anerythristic and female Snow what will be their children?
    And female motley when you combine with male Anerythristic does it makes Snow from their F1 or in their F2 are Snow?
    And when i combine female snow with hypo?And then i take from their children male and mate it with his mother Snow what will happen?

    I'm trying to view the Insiders for Sale forum, but it's not working for some reason. I'm a member that's always been able to use this forum. Is there something wrong with it right now? Thanks!

    Trying to sell my snakes on CS.com for sale thread- How come i can not post? Please PM me.
    Indeed, PM's HAVEN'T worked with DNAsnakes. All I've gotten is numerous promises to pay as soon as they can scrape the money together. And honestly, I don't ever expect to get the money at this point, but I sure don't want to see them buying any more animals before I do. Also, I've followed up on all the offers to make purchases that I've seen them make on the boards since August 2008, and I know that others have held animals for them but that they never got things together to purchase them. So at least my comment might save someone else a waste of time.
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