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Eggbound girl. Informative Egg Aspiration Video Included!

Thanks go out to both of you, Baroness and SnakeAround, you are both right! I called her a snow ghost because that is what I was told she was. Her Coloring is that of a bubblegum. The picture that Baroness's link goes to shows my snake exactly...kinda. She still is not showing any yellowing and still looks like the younger snake, lol. Good living I guess! Thank you both for the correction, she is a Bubblegum Snow Corn.
YAY for Pig :) Great it turned out to be the right decision! now hope for a good shed and another egg out and everything will be back to normal!
YAY for Pig :) Great it turned out to be the right decision! now hope for a good shed and another egg out and everything will be back to normal!

That is my hope, well that and that she decides this was just not her thing and she doesn't scare me like this again! lol
The video is unavailable... could you please re-upload it?

I would love to see and take some notes of what you did on this strong girl!
Is their another Video like this up anywhere? I believe my girl is bound its been 24 hours and she still has the same 2 eggs right near the vent. I want to aspirate tomorrow if she still has not passes them.
Given that aspiration only works for a couple of days after she starts to lay, I think you did the right thing. And nicely done as well!
Can you still feel more eggs? If so, can you gently massage them closer to the vent? Don't wait too long to aspirate them if that is the route you are choosing. Once they solidify that option is gone. Make sure she isn't dehydrated because that can stall the progression of eggs being laid. If she doesn't have water in her lay box offer her some.
Good Luck.


Your proactive approach and care for your hen's well-being are commendable. It's crucial to monitor her closely for any signs of distress and to ensure she's adequately hydrated. Massaging gently to aid in egg passage is a thoughtful step, but timing is key if aspiration becomes necessary.