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Feeding questions


Poopsy Woopsy Luver
The first meal I fed my little guy was a mouse pinkie, he took it down no problem. There was no lump on him so I was thinking that maybe he needed 2 of them, or something bigger but I just brushed it off as nothing. Well today I think someone from the petstore either gave me a rat pinkie or an abnormally large mouse pinkie. It was big. Well I gave it to him anyways and he eventually got it down. There are no signs of regurge yet but there is a considerable lump that is moving through him :) My question is this: should I start feeding him two pinks at one sitting? Or ask for a big pink?

Second question that is more about pricing. Is 100 pinks for $15 a good deal?(From ReptileDirect) Because the pet store charges .75 cents and they come in 25 packs. (And for my BP)I could pay the same price for 25 small rats with Reptile Direct. The petstore charges 2.99 for one frozen rat! I think the pet store is trying to rip me off. Input anyone?
Yes $15 for a hundred pinkies is a good price. How much for the shipping?

I'd decide whether your snake is ready for fuzzies before buying a hundred pinkies. ;)
I honestly don't think he is ready for them. He's barely thicker than a dime. I took pictures of him eating, maybe then you can see when I get them developed. I won't be ordering until next week.

I don't have to pay shipping because the place is only 30 minutes away from me :)
If he is as thick as a dime, he's certainly ready for prey larger than pinkies.