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  • Thanks for the nice words! May I say that this place is DEFINITELY not the same without you...
    I love that your ancient forum still lives. ;D
    You DO?? I hardly remember me from way back when! (And since I read your brilliant posts about capitalism in the general chit chat....I KNOW I like you!! :) )

    Kids today....LOL!
    Ahhhh! Where the hell have you been?!?!?! How dare you leave me like that!
    Things HAVE changed here, my friend. I ditched for three years, and just got back in less than a year ago. The rep system drove me nuts (as you knew) but now is pretty much in line with folks post counts. Remember the old days getting neg rep for saying "Okeetee is a locality" or "I kill mice by cervical dislocation" or God forbid; "I euthanize some of my hatchlings?" Call me when you get back to the 'States.
    I'm not staying in Texas. I could happily move and live in southeast Texas - or even parts of east Texas - but that isn't in the cards. The wife got a job for Tulane in SE Louisiana, so it's time to head over that way....with a smile.

    There are a couple of things I'm really going to miss about Texas, but it'll balance out in the end....I guess.
    Sorry I missed ya today. Darlington is on TV tonite and I got a whole mess of company comin over. Ya take care over yonder!
    Oh, and I don't watch the games, either. I went to part of one at LSU when I was an undergrad, and I left before half time. Never had a desire to go back to any.
    I don't drink beer. Matter of fact, I don't drink much of anything. If we'd get about 25 more inches of rain per year, this area wouldn't be too bad. Plus, if the college kids were smart enough to know what words like "compost" and "aggregate" meant, I could tolerate being around them sometimes. BTW, the one that didn't know "compost" was working in the garden center at Lowe's!

    I'll thankfully be away from here by the end of July - much sooner if we can close on a house and get a new snake building made first.
    No. College Station is more like Hel's realm than a place I'd reference with positive connotations.
    You're welcome and yes I believe we did, but I look forward to getting to know you and reading your future posts, so take care and stay safe, wherever you are ;)
    Best wishes, Sue
    Oh, let's see, lots of no good. LOL I've been working on home improvements, we've got two new puppies, lots of cool hybrid pojects going (oh, no, the evul hibird!), and my husband just got laid off (which is actually a good thing). All in all, doing good. I'm so glad to have you back!! Hope all's been well with you. I know you don't have an easy job, but we're all glad you're doing it.

    My daughter is fast becoming a young lady (she's 11 going on 35), but my little boy still thinks his mother is the bestest thing ever and always has time to just snuggle with me. Unfortunately, that won't last for too much longer.
    You're welcome! Any defender of our country deserves a warm welcome wherever they go!
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