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Florida Icon - The Alligator

Rich Z

Staff member
While Connie and I were over in the Palm Coast, FL area having evacuated ahead of hurricane Michael, we happened across this gator sunning himself at the edge of a man made pond.



Looks like he or she was just made to be photographed.
I'm a bit concerned that more than one gator, about 12 feet long, was spotted in the canals near my house. I love to kayak on the canals, but it wouldn't take much for a gator to grab a person by the arm and pull them out of a kayak. I've seen a 7 foot female mating with a 5 foot male right in front of my dock.

People that are members of a kayak club have told me that the gators don't bother them as they pass by, but I'd hate to be the first statistic.
Just happened upon this thread. Damn good photos!! Makes me want to throw my DSLR out!

Thank you!

Yeah, that Sony does an excellent job. Seems like the quality of photo equipment is improving all the time.

Nikon came out with the P1000 "bridge" camera recently as an upgrade to the P900 I already have. So there is a good chance I may be putting the P900 up for sale sometime soon. :laugh: