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Rich Z

Staff member
Seems that every so often, I get emails and pms about photo techniques and the types of equipment I use for my own photos, do I'm thinking maybe a general area is needed for people to discuss these topics.

Everyone wants to take "good" photos, and as well hopes to take "great" photos from their efforts. Honestly, with the state of technology today with the digital cameras available, nearly anyone can take shots that 10 years ago nearly everyone would consider as "great" without a huge cash outlay for the equipment that would have been necessary back then to do so.

But it takes practice, and sometimes a helping hand might be beneficial to cut down the learning curve somewhat. The main benefit of a digital camera is that you can practice until you are blue in the face, and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg to have film processed, as it used to do back in the 35mm days. Plus you can get INSTANT feedback from your efforts, instead of waiting for the processed film to come back and hoping you remember what the heck you actually did on each frame.

There really is no reason at all why everyone can't become a really good photographer, and more people can become actually great at it. The tools are easily and readily available without a huge financial outlay, and with just a bit of help and some experience, anyone can create photos that will just take other's breath away.

So this section is here for you to talk about your techniques, or problems, or what equipment has proven to be best for what you want to do.