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Genetics Tutorial

What caught me was the contrast between the red saddles and the grey body color I love that. I checked Ian's and really like the adult Miamis and Crimsons so I am very sure I made the right choice. So Miami and Miami phase are the same?

Miami corn snakes are true locality snakes (caught in the Miami area of Florida or a direct descendent of locality caught snakes that have never been out-crossed with corn snakes from another location) and may or may not have the ideal look (depending upon what someone considers "ideal" ;)) that some Miaimi-phase corn snakes, which are more the selectively bred look that may not be pure locality snakes. But then, not every breeder uses the term "phase" and calls everything with the look "Miami" no matter the locality.

In other words, labels/names can be deceiving so when in doubt, ask the breeder and if they give you the runaround, turn around and run. Someone that cares about locality will be proud and gladly inform you that his/her stock is pure locality. The same goes for ideal Miami-phase appearance, and if you are really lucky, you can get both...locality and looks as there are a few breeders that started with locality stock and selectively bred them to get what they consider the ideal phenotype.
I'm telling you that by coming back to the forums and doing the reading have been doing, plus watching the vids on youtube, I have learned that there is a lot more out there than there used to be. Things have changed! I have some work to do to catch up.