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Green anole strutting his stuff

Rich Z

Staff member
I noticed a green anole acting king of strange walking around in circles on top of a bamboo culm in Connie's pineapple garden. Decided to grab the camcorder from the house and hoped he would still be there when I got back. Evidently he was shedding his skin, and I guess from the dewlapping he was doing, there was probably another anole somewhere nearby that he was either trying to impress or just scare away.

Nice! I love anoles. There are some in our muscadine vines. One in particular has a tendency to cock his head and peer at me like I'm an invader. Which, I suppose, I am. Lol

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I had a green anole for a pet many many years ago. I forgot how pretty they are when they are dewlapping! Thanks for the great video!