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Happy! But.....?


New member
:crazy02: Im happy my female okeetee just layed 25eggs!! And as far as I know its her first clutch, she is 3years old and 70inches long!

:shrugs: BUT I dont have a propper incubator! Will it be okay if I keep the eggs in a tupperwear box with moss at 25-30 degrees C? that is how hot my tank is?

:-offtopic If my male is normal and female okeetee how many okeetees will i maby get? how many will be duds?

:cry: Is an icubator realy needed???????
I'm not good with the whole conversion thing, what is 25-30C in F? I wouldn't keep the eggs (even in tupperware) with the parent(s). I have incubated leopard gecko eggs no problem in my hatchling racks (in vermiculite) kept at 75F.

Okeetee is a line bred / locale specific trait. You will get normal babies that some may resemble okeetees, but they will not be pure okeetees.
the babies you will get will be better off called Normal...This way you don't false advertise. The only way to get okeetees is to breed okeetee to okeetee...because of the same fact that blckkat mentioned.

keeping the eggs in a tupperware or sterelite container with wet moss or vermiculite at temps around 80 to 86 degrees will be fine.

30 degrees C is 86 degrees F.

I incubated 6 eggs this year in a tupperware container at room temp and all 6 hatched out great...no deformities and all were perfect in coloration and behavior.
Room temp? I thought they had to be at least 80 degress +

You learn something new everyday :)
howiet4702 said:
Room temp? I thought they had to be at least 80 degress +

You learn something new everyday :)

Room temp at my house in the summer is anywhere between 80 and 90 degrees F. I live in a 100 year old house that is not insulated and has no central heat or air. We have 2 window air conditioners and use kerosen heaters...Makes for interesting living.