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how come we dont see...


New member
how come we dont see more striped versions of non-normal color morphs. i think striped corns are awe full beautiful.

is it because selective breeding of corns is relatively juvenile?

ive seen some striped creams and im actually on a waiting list for one, and i recall a striped anery, and a few others. but how come this practice of selectively breeding cool colored stripes hasnt blown up yet?

do people not like striped corns? or is it that lots of breeders look for quick results instead of long term, multi-generation projects? :shrugs:
I dont see it being uncommon, stripes of all different colors are out there, they just arnt as common as motley morphs. Do a little looking and you wont have any problems finding what your looking for. Stripes are just as easy to produce as any other morph, and members here are working on various stripe projects.
So many projects, so little time!

FYI, there's two "camps" when it comes to stripes. Those that think they look like garter snakes and those that don't.


PS. I like 'em . . . alot . . . :)
ive always been thinking about working on stripe charcoals, i think they would look astounding. especially if i produced darker ones in the hopes of vanishing stripe in adult-hood. :)
grdn1014 said:
ive always been thinking about working on stripe charcoals, i think they would look astounding. especially if i produced darker ones in the hopes of vanishing stripe in adult-hood. :)
You took the thoughts right outa my head!! Oh, wait . . . these is done het for charcoal stripe . . .






grdn1014 said:
bah im always one step behind :)
Don't sweat it. Rich probably has about 2 dozen hiding somewhere, and is just waiting for the right time to bring them out to play . . . probably the season before I can breed these!! :grin01: I've got this project going because I want Charcoal Stripes, depending on any type of success I may or may not have, the rest of you all are just going to have to make your own!! :eek1:

Here's the parents (The Stripe male and Charcoal female are no longer in my possession.):
Male: (father of all 5)

Female 1: (mother of the 1st male and the Amel female.)

Female 2: (mother of the 2nd male and the normal females.)

LOL I'm one of those of the garter opinion :) Or maybe a ribbon snake :D Was tempted by a really bright amel stripe at the last St Louis expo, but I resisted. I might be tempted by the idea of a Charcoal stripe... but first up is a Charcoal motley. I want one of those worse :D

Good luck with your project. Looks like you have some excellent stock to start off with.
heres my 06 hypo ghost stripe(any excuse to show her), sorry the first ones blurry, i forgot the macro setting



not the most colourful, but a stunner in the flesh, as always the pics dont do it justice :)
There are quite a few stripe morphs out there. Unfortunately, some are still fairly expensive. If you look at Rich's site, you'll see pics of butter stripes, lavender stripes, opal stripes and possibly caramel stripes. With the already present amel, anery, snow, hypo, and ghost stripes, that doesn't leave too many morphs NOT striped, but that's being taken care of, they just need a little more time.
I have a pair of butter stripes and a striped blood...


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You must ALWAYS handle your snakes with care! A snake like that Blood Stripe should only be handled with gloves . . . You do NOT want 2nd and/or 3rd degree burns. :eek1: Luckily it's only a small one right now, but that Blood Stripe is HOT!!!


I have a few. I sold most of my adult striped morph over the past two years. :shrugs: I'll be working with cubed & motleys for now. :cheers:
OMG the thread of my dreams! I love stripes!!! One day I hope to have a striped rainbow of corns, striped [red], striped [orange], striped [yellow], striped [green], striped [blue], striped [voilet], stripes stripes stripes! [Insert your favorite colored morph...]

BTW lovely blood you go there Dean!
Check out Geoff's (COMPOSITE CORNS) and Caroline's (breedingcolors) personal forums, and websites. They have some awesome stipes :cool:

I also love stripes! :grin01:
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Here's my 06 striped lavender & 04 normal.........


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    shed 4.jpg
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