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I need some help from the artists here..

I like the second set of colors in Hurley's post much better than the first... the straight blue background is ok in small areas (like buttons), but when it fills a good portion of the screen it becomes very hard to look at for any length of time (plus it creates color floaties for a while afterwards).

Anyway, I like the grey-blue-purple background better than the straight blue.

well, based on the theory of monitor display colors, (rgb color, or additive/subtractive color) everything you see on your computer screen is a composition of red, green and blue. to create blue, you subtract (or there is an absence of) all red and green. so naturally, when you see a solid blue, solid red or solid green on your monitor it's gonna be difficult on your eyes after a while because it's constant 100% blue light with no red or green to tone it down. then yellow text on this blue background makes it even more difficult on the eyes because yellow is the compliment of blue. being that it's on the extreme opposite side of the color wheel makes yellow the highest contrasting color to blue. all this being said, yellow text on a blue background is great if you want to draw attention to something for a few seconds, to be like "wow, look at me!", but generally isn't used for body text or text that will be read for longer periods of time. please keep in mind, that all of these facts are being used to generate my opinion . to each his/her own.:)
Color balance is a common problem..

I hear this all of the time, especially in reference to photographs. I can make a photo look completely different on my monitor by adjusting the color balance, saturation, contrast, and brightness. So when I have a photo that looks good on my screen, there is no way to know how it will look on someone else's. In some ways the net is much better getting images to prospective customers, but there certainly is a larger margin of error than sending prints to them through the mail.

Plus some monitors will interact differently than others when adjoining pixels are different colors. Then there are video boards themselves to throw yet another wrinkle into things. I had a computer when I worked for the state of Florida that was probably the cheapest thing they could find. Some sites were completely unreadable because of the way it handled colors. Anything subtle like light blue text on dark blue background was a completely lost cause.

I'll take a look at my color scheme and see if I can find something that works better. Hate to think no one would buy my animals because they HATED my color scheme on my site! :eek:
I can read everything fine on the site Rich. However the blue is very overbearing IMO and makes me feel as if Im slipping into a flashback, But that still wont keep me from plopping down my cash for a bunch of corns. :)
You're going to think I'm picky...

...but I don't like the cyan either. It's just TOO bright. I think the cyan is even worse than the primary blue... maybe you could do a muted blue color? One that's not so blindingly bright?

How's that? If you don't like this one, the next one will make your eyeballs explode. :p

You know, you can adjust your monitor somewhat. Maybe you have the brightness/contrast maladjusted.

I learned from trying to get photos displayed properly across the net that you just can't accomodate everyone's monitor settings.

One good thing about this is that I've been wanting to putter around with CSS coding, so I could set up a template and control the colors, fonts, etc, all from a single page. Still have to get that plugged into the cultivar pages, but it certainly does make changes like this a snap to do.
Honestly I didn't see anything wrong with the new color on your site. I even went back and stared at the screen to see if i could blow out an eyeball. Nope both still there! I think your correct about a larger monitor helping at least to some degree.

I don't think anyone here will complain about a Serpenco Forum in here. Why wouldn't you want a plug? You pay for it.
Matt - I didn't put in the color codes to blow out Bippy's eyeballs yet. That was the threat if he didn't like this latest color scheme I selected. He probably doesn't really like it, but I guess having a threat to blow out someone's eyeballs can change anyone's point of view. ;)

Yeah, maybe I will set up a SerpenCo forum. First thing I will do is to move this entire thread there. I just wouldn't want it to become a forum where people will post questions that are more suitable in the rest of this site. After all, I did set this up to take some pressure off of me from all of the questions I get via email. I figured that if I didn't have the time to answer them all, at least I could provide a place for others to chip in and help me out.

BTW, if I haven't said it before, THANKS to all of you helping out with answering people's questions here. There was no way I could do that all myself.

Later............ Uh, gee, it's 3 am already? And I promised Connie I was going to try to get to bed by 2 am. Sigh......... Maybe I'll make it by 4...... again.......
When I said the sky blue looked alot better, I meant it. Muted colors don't hurt my eyes... only those primary and secondary ones do (RGB and CYM). It's not my monitor brightness, I've checked... (otherwise pictures I take would look funny on the computer). So :p
I don't get it... I went to SerpenCo, and the same bright blue was still there. I thought maybe it was so slightly different that i couldn't tell, so I checked the source code. It's still "BLUE" ... what am I missing??
If you look on the price list pages it has changed to a different blue. Easier for some to look at I guess. People don't stay on the main page long or at least I don't:D

:) Alicia
Oh, thank you!

Thank you thank you thank you! From the bottom of my retinas, I thank you.

(I...uh...like the muted blue better.)