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Interesting option on a drone

I like to crawl around in the head of the guy who came up with that idea. Genius!
Makes you start thinking about other things you could attach to a drone.
Start selling them with all kinds of attachments.....
I'm looking at a new drone that has the front propellers actually mounted on the bottom of the drone, instead of on top. Heck, would make an interesting lawn mower if the props would be strong enough. I think I read somewhere that there is some sort of restriction about making propellers out of metal. Of course, I have seen some accidents on YouTube when people got cut up by a drone, that I guess had the props been metal it would have REALLY messed them up.

Heck, with AI on the upswing in development like it is, with sufficient AI, effective pattern recognition, and a high powered laser mounted on a drone, I'll bet I would rid myself of all the squirrels around here pretty quickly... :grin01:

But then again, software ALWAYS has bugs.... So would that be Artificial Insanity?