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Just a plain old Amelanistic...

Rich Z

Staff member
But I think it has potential.......

I will agree with you Rich, looks kinda strange with the way the saddles connect with each other on the lower half of that snake. Looks like a keeper to me..
best yet

I LOVE that pattern!!! It looks like someone had too much red paint in their brush and lazilly squiggled some off onto the "canvas" of the gorgous snake. Amels "aren't my thing" but I'd give a testical for that beauty! (doh, did I say that out loud?)

From Curtis:

but I'd give a testical for that beauty!

Well if you have something of more value to me, perhaps we can arrange that to happen. It appears I have more than one of them like that in that clutch. Matter of fact, I believe they all took food night before last.


Obviously you aren't holding them all back then, so by all means tag a female from that clutch to add to my 2002 order, please? (I have a male 2002 amel that was "thrown in" to another deal :p )
If a female isn't an option, a male would obviously be fine too... at least a chance to breed-out some more odd patterns like that would be a thrill, whether I have an amel match or pair it with something else in my collection.

Thanks to those hozers at Godaddy.Com I lost my copy of what else I wanted from ya, but I LOVE aberrant patterns so feel free to send me the snakes that don't quite hit the aztec or zig-zag marks you've set if they are on my list.

^Curtis Brown
rich stop postting these cute pic im jealous

hey what ..dont u run out of cute snakes ........ im jealous...i mean i hope u never stop breeding them..but what is it.......every snake i saw from u untill now is cuteeeeee and adorable,,,,,i hope they all have a healthy life