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LavenderBLoodred+Butter Striped


Not a human...
Hello there.
I really want to get a hold on a LavenderBloodred or a pair this year. I am searching for 3 years now and hope I can get this morph.
I also search 1.1 Butter Stripeds

My problem is, that I live in Germany, so it would be great, if I can get the snakes at Hamm this year.

I hope, anyone have this stunnung morphs for me and can make a dream come true :)

Best regards
I hope to produce lav-bloods and butter-stripes this year. These will be from lav-blood x lav-blood and butter-stripe x butter stripe pairings, so if the breeding/clutching/incubating goes well (big "ifs", I admit), I should have decent numbers.

If you found an American breeder who's going to Hamm who is willing to deliver these snakes to you, I could ship to them here in the States. Of course, those breeders may have these morphs available themselves, so that may be the easier route for you to take.

Let me know as soon as possible. I haven't started any official lists, but I already have some people lined up for butter-stripes. These morphs will be still be hot this year, I think.
I hope that I can find a american breeder who will come to Hamm.
But I dont know many yet, so i only can pray that someone will read this threat and can help me.
I would die for a Lavenderbloodred (my absolute fav morph)
there are some belgium breeders that will probably breed them this year.
And if you can wait another year I waill have them as well. This year they aint big enough to breed.
I hopo to breed some lavenderbloods (plasma)and hypoplasma too .

I'm selling my 2 year old butterstripefemale at Hamm with a buttermotelystripemale . (stepping out of the butterstripeproject) .
I have a Butterstriped and a Lavenderbloodred Project this year. And I now many other breeders in Germany and some others in Berlin, who will breed Butter Striped ore (Hypo)LavBloods them this year also.

I wonder, why you dont found any :confused:?