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Light Colored Anery Lavender Motley

Thank you! In the end, I think I really ended up looking out getting this instead of the moonstone. Purple is my favorite color.
Some more pics!


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So do you think that the visuals on this snake match the listed genetics? The side pattern is completely different from the top. There's a white stripe on the top side and a peachy stripe on the bottom of the side with a broken line separating the two. Very clean belly scales.

The clean sides are from the motley. The head looks more peachy to me? Which is consistent with lavender.

Here's my lavender motley. Peachy head on him too.

Really beautiful animals. Really, really beautiful! Purple is my favorite color, too!

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Thank you. I'm probably going to end up trading my corns for some nice garter morphs if I can find anyone interested in doing such a trade. My largest terrarium is a 75 gallon whichI felt was a wee bit small when I was keeping my adult blizzard corn in until I sold that snake earlier this year. I don't really want a larger terrarium but think this space would be amazing for a group of garters. I love those oregon red spotted garters and their blue morph brethren.
Those garters really are very pretty. They're fun to have around, from all I've heard. I do love my corn snakes, they suit me well. But if garters are a better fit for you, I hope you find just what you want.

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