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LOL!! Me, an author?

Rich Z

Staff member
As I live and breathe! I actually started writing a book on corn snakes 20 years ago. I had completely forgotten about that. And I actually had to read what I wrote before I realized that I had written those words.

Well, obviously that never panned out.


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Well, heck, that was just the preliminary beginnings of a writing and not even close to being a finished document. I had barely begun........... :laugh:
Haha yeah, I was just joking. You should consider writing an autobiography instead of a care/genetics/etc., manual. I would love reading anecdotes from the unseen side of the snake business.
I 2nd that. Would definitely purchase a copy. We don’t really need another manual.
Don’t worry trying to be super accurate. Just go with what is left of your memory and notes if you have any.
Nah, just not in the cards for me to write a book. Based on the lack of responses I get with videos I take and photos I post, no one wants to hear what I have to say. So it would be a whole lot of effort to produce one of the lowest ranked selling books in the universe. :laugh:

I actually had someone ask me about co-authoring a book with him a while back. I figured it was something we could talk over better in person, so I invited him to meet up with Connie and I at one of the shows we were doing that Fall. That was in 2001, if I remember correctly. Odd thing is he never brought it up the entire weekend we were together, so I just figured he had second thoughts about the idea, and that was that.

Ah well, we had fun that weekend, so no big deal to me either way. Way things turned out, it probably would have been a bad idea anyway.
Hey Rich -

That was fun! I agree, your communication style is pleasing and fun. You should think about anecdotal snake stories. Just my 2 cents.