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Meet my jungle carpet python, hypo boa and baby crestie! 😃


New member
Hello all! I’ve was actually apart of this forum wayyy back in the day with the user name taxidermy! It’s great to be back and keeping reptiles once again! Due to college I had to rehome all of my snakes and my tegu and monitor lizards but I’m slowly growing my collection back up! (I’ll be acquiring another corn snake soon enough! As they were my first species of snake and they hold a special place in my heart) I wanted to share a few photos of my jungle x coastal carpet python, Marley (named after Bob Marley of course) and my hypo boa constrictor Buju (named after another reggae artist, Buju Banton). I will also include a few photos of my little itty bitty adorable rescue crestie I’ve dubbed Yoshi :)! Thanks for viewing! It’s great to be back!