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Yeah, I am leasing a 500 gallon propane tank from a local dealer. I would do the same thing. If he says he can't refill it, then what do I need it here for? Take it away!

We are just cleaning up little stuff around here, and it is tuckering us out. Every tree we have seems to have dropped loads of branches. I look at pics of places that really got demolished, and just can't imagine......

I wondered if the bamboo stood up to the wind. After Irma my neighbor's 45 foot Bismarck
died. I was surprised, as mine didn't seem to be affected. But about a month ago mine started to die too. I cut it down and found an infestation of palm grubs. Apparently when Palm trees become stressed the weevils attack it. Now I noticed my Foxtail palm is growing at an angle. I guess I didn't get off without at least minor damage. Nothing like the devastation of the panhandle though.
Connie and I did a walk around today, and not much damage to the bamboo groves. Looks like a few snapped, and a bunch of dead culms got pushed over by the winds. Hurricane Dennis back in 2005 caused a lot more damage in my larger bamboo grove, knocking over a lot of culms.

But LOTS of debris that we need to clean up. The trees must have been blowing around like crazy during the storm.

Our circular walking path through the woods is blocked in a couple of spots by downed trees, though, so the battery powered chain saw will come in handy. I used it to clear away the large tree branches that fell in front of the carport, and I was pretty impressed by how well it handled the job. It's only got a 16 inch blade on it, so it isn't for real heavy duty cutting jobs. But incredibly quiet running and doesn't bog down even a bit when cutting.
What is the make and model chainsaw you have? I'm assuming it has a lithium battery? I really didn't pay much attention to the battery saws, as they seem kind of flimsy. I do see Stihl advertising one now, but it's a bit pricey. Sue says I'd drop the money for a corn snake with no qualms, but to buy something like a good chainsaw takes a lot of thought.
It is made by EGO.


I bought into their system as they have quite a few tools that utilize the same battery system.


I use the hedge trimmer attachment with the Power Head system and it is about my favorite lawn tool of all time. Cuts through brush and clears an area like it is nobody's business.

The batteries tend to hold a charge long enough such that I am worn out long before the battery gives out.

BTW, in case you don't already know, get a Home Depot credit card. That gives you an automatic one year return on anything you buy from them using their card.
It is made by EGO.

BTW, in case you don't already know, get a Home Depot credit card. That gives you an automatic one year return on anything you buy from them using their card.

I go to Home Depot so much that I told them I want my own parking space in the Pro section. I have a card and also take advantage of their 10% off for military/disabled veterans. The chainsaw looks good and is comparable to the Stihl. I don't think I would use it much on my postage stamp size lot though. I can always borrow my son's gas saw if needed.
Heck, I never saw the fact that I didn't have an immediate need, as a reason to NOT buy a tool. ANY tool. :laugh:
I have a simple approach, if I need to borrow something more than once I'll buy one. I had a pole barn full of things, I thought I may eventually need, in Michigan. I invited my neighbors over to take anything they wanted when I sold the place. Everyone was happy, them because they got tools and junk they may eventually need, and me because I didn't have to move it here. My son has a tool for every job, unfortunately his garage is packed, so to find the tool we have to move a bunch of stuff onto the driveway. People stop because they think we are having a garage sale. Hey, not a bad idea.
Man.... Went to Home Depot yesterday because I needed some bar and chain oil for my chainsaw, and noticed that ALL chainsaws and most accessories were completely sold out there. Pretty skimpy selection of grills too.

I'm cutting out the trees that fell across our path. That battery powered chainsaw really works quite well. Just wish someone would design one that wouldn't throw all the chips directly back at you while you are cutting.
Our Home Depot had a huge stack of hurricane supplies lining the aisles. Nothing was selling, so they moved in a bunch of Halloween decorations, including a werewolf that would scare the diaper off my granddaughter.
Yeah, this Home Depot Connie and I went to had a TON of cases of bottle water as well as stack and stacks of charcoal brickettes for grills.

Saw several generators, so I presume they sold a bunch of them, since power outages were very widespread around here for about a week after the storm.

Shoot, that reminds me. I need to check how much propane is remaining in our generator fuel tank. :poke:
My sister-in-law traveled through Mexico Beach where she was supposed to rent a place this year and it's still a mess there. Going to take a long time to rebuild.