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Milksnake Phase


Down with the sickness
Insiders Club
Hi Rich, I noticed that Milksnake Phases (except for amels) are not on your price list this year. Will you have any available? Will you have any surplus adult males? Thanks, Carol
Milksnake phase......

I talked to Rich briefly about the absense of Milksnake phase on his new list. He explained to me that he was doing away with the name because his Miami phase and Milksnake phase have become almost indistinguishable.

It is a rather cumbersome name but there is such a difference in Miami lines that I think Rich should distinguish his in some way, they are not standard Miami phase snakes.
I also asked Rich about the deletion of that phase on the list.
I got the same answer awhile ago.
Notice, there still is the albino version available though. I guess there will be more selective breeding in Rich's lines until those are removed.