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My Kiddo likes it cold?


New member
So My Little one is a 7 month old Male, who I have had for a few months now. His home is a 10 gallon tank with a ceramic heating element, 2 hides and a climbing stick. The issue is that we have had a cold winter (for San Diego) and the hot side of the cage is in the 75-80 range, despite never getting to "optimal" temp ranges my Kiddo seems to prefer the cold side. To ensure this is the case I just shifted his hides (one is a shell and the other a log half) and he keeps going to the cold hide. I think this side of the tank is in the 65-70 degree range. The only other thing he seems to be weird about is meals, He tends to eat every 7to 10 days if I offer on the 5th day he has just let the mouse sit till I toss it. I am trying not to worry just seems like odd behavior from a juvenile Corn.
Typically they prefer the cool side most of the time. Mine usually only use the heat when they're actively digesting. However, I would definitely try to get your warm side a bit warmer. I shoot for a hot spot of around 87 degrees.

As for his eating schedule, can you elaborate a bit on how you feed him? That schedule is okay, but it's pretty conservative for a juvenile corn, so he likely will have pretty slow growth. He may simply be taking longer to digest due to insufficient heat.
I normally Thaw a Fuzzie mouse for 10-20 min and then take Jolteon out for handling until the mouse has had half an hr. to thaw up to room temp, at that point I put the mouse in a feeding tub (once or twice in his inclouser) and then place the snake in there and leave him bee to eat.
Most snakes prefer a warm mouse. You can try thawing it with hot water, or if you don't want to get it wet, you could give it a blast with a hair dryer. I would probably stop doing a pre-feed handling session until he's eating more consistently for you.

Do you have your CHE hooked up to a thermostat?
How do you monitor the temps in that cage?

Warm side is measured/ controlled with a zoo med thermostate with the temp probe at substrate level. Cold side is one of the .99 thermometer tapes.

Getting the mouse a little warm sounds like a good idea Maby ill try putting it in a baggie in the water, as for prefeed handling that was my attempt at ensuring he dose not get cage aggressive. but if its stunting his growth then ill stop.