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New roof for the house.

Rich Z

Staff member
Just had the new roof installed on the house. Pretty expensive undertaking. And now I have Connie giving me that "I told you so" about taking down that live oak tree overhanging the porch and part of the house roof. That is what caused the most severe damage with the metal roof panels rusting through. Fortunately the leaks were only in the soffit area, and not into the living quarters. Two of the wooden deck panels had to be replaced as well as some of the structure underneath those panels. So not too bad.

Anyway, here is a BEFORE:


And here is an AFTER:


The county came out to do an inspection, since a permit needed to be pulled, and all the guy did was to walk around the yard looking at the roof from ground level. He said "looks pretty tight", and that ended the inspection. :rolleyes:

The roofing company caused a leak in the roof overhanging the porch at one of the seams between the metal panels. When we had some trees removed, the tree guys hit the edge of that same roof, putting a gouge in it and causing a leak at the seam closest to that gouge. They had a guy come out and "fix" it by putting peel and stick take over the gash and over the seam. Not sure what the roofing company has in mind, but I think it's going to look like hell with the patches being done. I asked the guy to give me a price (at a substantial discount because of their doing damage) for resealing the entire porch roof. There is a pretty good chance that the other seams will spring leaks sooner or later, since the roofers used that flatter roof as a work area while working on the house roof.

But that is pretty much par for the course, It is VERY rare that we have people do any work for us that they don't wind up screwing up something else in the process. Must be a local law or something.