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NOTICE!!! - Check the BOI!

Rich Z

Staff member

Anyone considering making a purchase from someone posting an ad in this forum is STRONGLY suggested to check out the Board of Inquiry before sending off your money to someone you don't know.

Better to be safe than sorry.
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Totally agreed!!!
I personally had one experience (even though not a corn snake....) but I paid and the person said that he shipped the snake out....and I have never heard of anything from it again.....
Jim knows about this.....and it's now.....more than......3 weeks since I have heard about the snake again....if he did ship...then I would assume that the snake is already dead.....or else he never shipped it out.....
I mean I would prefer that he didn't ship it out....if this is the case....
sorry just had to type this out....cause its really getting into my nerves...
That's the purpose of the Board of Inquiry. Maybe you will not get resolution to your problem, but you darned well might save someone else the grief by making the facts and name public.

This sort of thing impacts us all. I've started the ball rolling. Now all it needs is participation by as many people as possible. If the majority of the people use this tool, it will be extremely difficult for someone to pull a scam too long before being called out on it.
Hey Rich...

I never bought any snakes which had to be shipped, so obviously have never had any of the problems that might come along with it. But just out of curiousity I went to check out the BOI and man that was some good reading!!! Im not trying to make fun of or joke around about any of the inquiries because its serious business, but some are really really interesting!! I spent about a half hour reading about the con artist Jennifer Curran, I know its none of my business and you dont have to answer if you dont want but just out of curiousity did you hear anything back from her so called "mother" after that last e-mail??? Also checked out the "Please help me" by realvenum, that was interesting, funny and confusing all at the same time. Cool to see how much you can tell about a person just by the way they write, can even tell when they're not telling the truth!! Great detective work by Darin Chappell at picking out the lies, that was classic!! Lee didn't know what hit em! hehe

Anyways enough rambling for now, but I just wanna end off by saying that I think the BOI is a great idea!
Rich: I tried the BOI link and it said 404 not found. Just thought you'd want to know.
watts of whiley whaskels out there

Here you go elrojo "The Original Board of Inquiry" link for ya :)

Con men have always been attracted to livestock sales through the centuries.
Wide eyed drooling customers...
(motivated buyers, they want it now)
...with a fist full of cash = easy pickens for an ethically challenged slick talker... who will be more than happy to tell you what you want to hear as long as you quickly send money... but doesn't accept U.S. Postal money orders for some reason and doesn't want funds mailed U.S.P.S. either... hmmm, Postal Fraud Investigators can be a real pest to a mail fraud evildoer / thief, it just might have something to do with it.

The secret to success is to check the B.O.I., BEFORE sending off ones money.
Never done this kind of thing online buyers may want to stick with an old reliable, established, well known breeder, if nothing else to see what nice snakes and a properly packed shipment should look like.
I have had a person assure me that proper packing is no problem, sure I can toss in a heat pack for ya, what the heck, not a problem..., only to find out on receiving ones chilled snakes (they're fine) that it becomes apparent that the person decided to save themselves a buck. They looked out the window and it looked like a nice day to them...

Live and learn, with me overnight express shipments always take two days, I've come to accept that, but thats when proper packing procedures become critical to the health and safety of the in transit Corn Snake.

Yep, The B.O.I. makes for some interesting reading.
So many scams and so little time with some of these guys.
Low lifes have been known to pull the dead snake out of the freezer and throw into a box and ship cross country to his unsuspecting new customer, "oh you wanted a live arrival guarantee, gosh I don't give those."
It never ends, they pass the genes on to their children;)

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Here's the link to the BOI. Have fun reading it, but just remember that it is a valuable tool, when used correctly, and a big headache when it's abused.

I'm sure I posted the same link as you did Darin, and they both work for me. Maybe it is because I am a registered member of faunaclassifieds? Maybe you need to register first Eddie?

Rich: I tried the BOI link and it said 404 not found. Just thought you'd want to know.

Ack! OK, I fixed that original link. That original one went back to when I was using iKonboard for my message board software.

Here is is again, just in case:

The BOI on FaunaClassifieds

And yes, you will need to be registered on FaunaClassifieds in order to be able to access the BOI there.

Sorry about that....
link won't work

Do you need to be a member of Fauna Classifieds before you can view it? The only thing the link brought up said: Announcement: Classified ads user control panel added! by webslave

I really wanted to read some of those, too... :cry:
I've tried using the boi and im havin trouble gettin newhere on it lol. The link works but i guess im not sure on what to do with all of it lol. Well newayz if neone can help thankz.
Rich Z said:
Anyone considering making a purchase from someone posting an ad in this forum is STRONGLY suggested to check out the Board of Inquiry before sending off your money to someone you don't know.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Thats tellin it like it is :crazy02: