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  • I did some research before really starting to become active here, and I found several links back then that show burns on corns from a UTH that got too hot. Here is where I am sourcing from (a quick Google search, I didn't look too far to find these two).



    I will refrain from saying that they get burned, but I do believe that if you put a corn on a fully heated UTH it would burn. Just my opinion formed from the pictures I've seen and the articles I've read. I know boas are more prone to burning, but corns burn as well.
    hey about those butter or gold dust males the other person is offering a pair for 200 shipped but I really only need a male can you email me some pics of them [email protected] and can you come down at all on prices also if you can with pics give approx. age and length ty ty
    Hi, just a note that I have a Palmetto female now, too. Although she won't be ready to breed for a few years--! Maybe we could stay in touch.
    yes i know the temps very high, but we have been experiencing extreme heat. now the temps of the eggs have dropped quite a bit. does this normally happen close to hatching or could it be something else
    Hi been chatting to nanci about my eggs. she is not online at the moment and i need some advice. eggs are at day 57, temps have been quite high at about 90 or so, eggs feel much softer and have a roughness to them the past 2 or 3 days. nanci said it seemed they were getting ready to hatch. i have a thermometer in with the eggs to check there temps and as of this morning the temp of the eggs have steadily dropped and is now at about 79. does this mean anything
    Hello, I'm new on here trying to find a GOOD home for my son's two corns. I live in Pinehurst, NC. I just took a million pictures of them. One female, one male.
    Thanks, Damon
    If I'm allowed I will try to add my email address of here: [email protected]
    ^-^ As much as I would like to attend the Daytona show, I live in Idaho so kind of a ways to go =/
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