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Personal weather station info - north Florida

Rich Z

Staff member
A little while back I installed a Personal Weather Station here at home and I specifically picked one that would upload the data online to a couple of websites that keep the records available for viewing historically. The model I bought is the Ambient Weather WS-2000.

At one time the weather geekiness in me almost got me to where I wanted to manually write down this sort of info, at least on a daily minimum/maximum temperatures basis, but this is a WHOLE lot more detailed and comprehensive.

Here is the link to the publicly viewable dashboard for this PWS:


I don't see how the windspeed indicator is much use, however, as it seems to fluctuate so much that I'm not sure it is even accurate. I'm guessing that the sensor is just too sensitive and moves from any minor gust.
You remind me of my son, he has every gadget known to man, or is in the process of buying it. His latest thing is an underwater camera so he can tell what fish are under the boat. I asked him what good that is, since if the fish are biting on live shrimp he can identify them when we pull them aboard. If they aren't biting knowing they are down there won't help at all.
Yeah, I do like technical gadgets! Especially when they can be considered as tools for one reason or another. Things that make something easier to do (or even possible when it wasn't possible otherwise) or even just something that produces an interesting result.

Always been fascinated with weather. Give me a good lightning storm, and I can watch it for hours. Wish I could catch them all on film. Still want to run the drone up during a storm one of these days.
There are 3 tall towers just a 1/4 mile from my house. Every electrical storm I watch the towers getting zapped. Quite a display. About 4 years ago a widow moved into a house around the corner. Her brother moved in with her and every day when I was riding my bike or walking the dogs I'd see him in the garage. He erected a weather station and I was curious because I never saw him leave the garage. I saw her walking her dog one day and asked about the weather station. She said her brother likes to keep track of the weather. I asked the obvious question, why? She said he may want to go fishing and needs to know what the weather will be. I asked her how many times he has been fishing and she said he never leaves the garage, just listens to music all day. I guess he needs to know when a storm is coming so he can shut the garage door.