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Red Factor?


New member
What exactley is a red factor corn? Is it polygenic, is it a morph, or just a fancy name for a nice red corn? Just wondering.
Thanks Eric
Good question. At the moment it looks to follow a dominant inheritance pattern and can be observed across genetic expressions. (ie. not just Anery combos where it is easily observed and by definition should not exist) Animals that are Het for the gene are not as color saturated as the Homo examples. It probably is a function of iridophores. Don Soderberg and I have discussed the sad possibility that it might be only in the scale layer. Tests are underway using the scaleless gene as a tool to prove this theory one way or the other. We are hoping that unlike the Lavender gene, once the scales come off that wonderful red wash is still intact.
I'm working with animals that express "Red Factor" and testing the inheritance process. Teasing a given gene expression from a population is a long and tedious breeding process though.