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one eyed brown guy
I just bought a new nikkon coolpix l100 and took some really nice pictures but they are way to large to post on here. Does anyone know hoe to resize images so that i can upload them here. My images are about 3.5-4 mb on average!
I like easy thumbnails for resizing. You just set what size you want in the settings (800 wide by 600 tall is good), then just right click in Windows Explorer or My Computer and choose "make thumbnail". Make sure you save a copy of the original cause I think it overwrites them in place by default.

Irfanview is a really good photo viewer and photoshop elements is nice for editing photos. That's my arsenal. The first 2 are free, the third is not.
if you use a Windows Operating system on a computer, you can open any picture with the "Windows Paint Program." Then up on the toolbar is a "Re-Size" button.

I have 2 video cameras, a Cell phone Camera and a Digital camera, and each one came with its own software, and each one takes different size pictures, etc....

I've just found it easier personally to use 1 program to manage the color, cropping and sizing for all my pics, and that is the Windows Paint option. It's very easy and it's already installed on every computer with a Windows OS.