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Rich, are you expecting...


Addicted Member
any lavenders het hypo and amel? Or just any lavenders het hypo this year? Thanks for answering.

Also, what is the availability on your hypolavs? How fast do they usually sell out? If I intend on getting one, do you recommend I reserve one or will you usually have them for some time? Thanks!
Last year I only had two Lavenders het for Hypo. One I sold early in the season and one I marked as a keeper. The keeper I didn't even know I had until the last time I did an inventory and checked the parent stock. But I just sold the keeper (I guess ex-keeper now) this afternoon. I should have more this season, but you just never know.

I *should* have a fair supply of Hypo Lavenders as well this season, but who knows? I used some of my Hypo Lavender females to seed some other projects I have in mind, so most of them will be coming from multi-het parents.

I still have some left over from last year, so you may want to consider these that are very well started.

I will try to take every one I have available that hatches to the Daytona Expo in August because the ones I took there sold like hotcakes. So I imagine they will be very popular again this year. With that in mind, there are no guarantees as to what I will have left afterwards.

With anything that there is not an unlimited supply of, you would be advised to bite the bullet and commit to it with a deposit. Otherwise there is certainly a possibility that you would have to wait until next year to get what you want. Since we don't manufacture these things and can't make them on demand, we are limited to how many we get and when we get them.
Any chance that you will have a lav het amel and hypo?
How much of a deposit is needed to hold each cornsnake? I thank you for taking the time to answer myt questions.
Someone else asked me that same question about Lavender het for both Hypo and Amel not too long ago. In a nutshell, I told her that I would have no reason to do that with any purpose in mind. I seriously doubt you would be able to tell a Lavender homozygous for both Hypo and Amel from one just homozygous for Amel (Opal Corn). So why bother?

I require a 20 percent deposit to hold an animal. It is non refundable if I produce YOUR animals, so think carefully about what you want

Rich, if I were to put a deposit on a snake. First off, how would you verify that it was me at the show I would pick them up at? Also, if there was one of the same on the table that I liked more, would it be a problem to trade? Thanks

(referring to same morph)
First off I would recommend that you do this transaction privately via email. Then when you show up to pick up the animals, I will require two sets of fingerprints on an official FBI form, three letters of recommendation (none of which can be from any relative of yours), 12 forms of ID with photos taken within the last 30 minutes, and the keys to your car. Oh yes, and I will give you a secret dance step that you will HAVE to perform in front of my tables so I will know it is really you. ;)

Seriously, this has never been a problem before. Simply because I don't broadcast my transactions publicly. The chances of someone knowing exactly what someone has ordered and all of the details are really pretty slim.

When someone shows up to pick up an animal held with a deposit, I always give them the option to pick out another one (if I have more) if that would be more in line with what they want. I try to hold back the prettiest one, but that is pretty subjective, and I would not require you to agree with my decision.

Sound fair enough?
Hahaha... I started reading that and I was thinking, boy this guy is out of his mind! Hahaha... I'm going to do the dance step anyways! (might scare customers away though...)...

...and yes, that sounds pretty fair. Thanks for the answer! I appreciate it.:D