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SilverQueens a poppin'

Rich Z

Staff member
> what is the genetics of a SQ? hypo ghost?
hmmm...no, hypo ghost would be double hypo :)
...oh and to your question, look at Rich fantastic price list.
you will find nearly every informaton there!!!

it´s interesting, I have a website about all the color morph (sorry just in german) and one would think that if someone would like to know what a blizzard is or something like that, that they go to my page and read my text. but most of them seem to go to my page, take my e-mail and ask me what a blizzard is...in the last week I got that many questions.....why???
is it to much work to to read a whole text to find the info that I want???
(sorry Jr Nimeskern, please don´t get me wrong...I have some very hard week behind me and every evening i look at my e-mails I see all these unnecessarily questio...so I´m a bit in a bad mood - it´s nothing against your question :)
BTW when they are babys how do you tell a charcol, ghost, silver queen and a lavender apart? Doesnt it take a combo from them to make a lavender??? Trying to learn here and hoping Rich will accdently slip a lavender in my order! :)
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Beautiful! beautiful! Beautiful!

What a nice bunch of Silver Queens.

Hey, Rich, my son wishes me to inform you that, when the snake is a boy, it should be called a 'Silver King." Oh well, what can you do?:rolleyes:
Okay Rich, now you have some silver queens (or silver kings or silver ghosts). I hope that if I order from you again, you'll have some this time. Hoping to get some soon.....
NP pewter... LOL im just to lazy to do research... and plus when I was looking at the corns... I just thought of the question... didnt really think or have the drive to research it just wanted a easy awnser... (No offense taken... I understand your heartache... well I probably dont :D)