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Sold as Ultra Motley Het Anery & Caramel // Future Breeding Projects


New member
After looking at some posts and videos on Ultra, Ultramel, and other hypo lines, I was hoping to get validation that this snake was properly labeled by the breeder. Sadly, I don't recall the breeder's name but I do have the lid that came on the container that the snake was sold in at a local expo. If you recognize the coding on the lid, please let me know.

Picture key:

1. Container lid as mentioned. (Born 7/1/21)
2. Mid Sept. '21.
3. End of Nov. '21.
4. Top down 9/10/22.
5. Belly shot 9/10/22.


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Here's another belly shot with the tail also taken today (9/10/22).

Does this tail length point to male?

Regarding future projects, I also have an adult blizzard that was sold as a male. If it turns out that I have an ultramel and not ultra, then I think I wills immediately get some interesting first gen offspring.

But I've thought about getting another snake that might do interesting things with the ultra (or ultramel). Looking for recommendations here.

Some other morphs or line breeds that I think are really neat are:

Blood Red
Something red and black only? Okeetee without the orange?
Something red and white without the orange? Candycane?



  • 986325E2-DE8F-4BBF-8A66-099060A28B1B.jpeg
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Added a couple close ups for eye color. I seem to recall more or a ruby color when I got the snake but won't swear on that. My camera flash ads redeye and the plant lights that I tend to have on might have been playing tricks on me.

Also, could this motley be a motley stripe?


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It definitely looks like it’s labeled correctly but altras and altramels are difficult to differentiate and to know for sure you would have to do a breeding trial. The tail looks female but still maybe too young to confirm visually.
If you breed it with your blizzard and get both both Amels and ultramels then you can confirm she is an altramel but if you get all altramels then you know she is homo altra.
Of course you have to assume the label is correct on the hets until you test in breeding trials.
Also, could this motley be a motley stripe?
Just wanted to address this. It's possible, but there's no way to look at visual Motley and determine that it's het Stripe. You'd have to know the parentage, or prove it with a breeding trial. There's no reason to assume that Stripe is present in one coded as Motley.

You acquired some pretty snakes at that show, Jangles.

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I got some information about the snake's parents from the breeder. Mom is Motley-Stripe het Amel, Anery, and Hypo. Dad was Coral Ghost Stripe het Amel.
I think what I have is likely Hypo/Strawberry (het for each and share allele so visually between the two) Motley/Stripe het Anery poss het Amel.

What do you think?
I got some information about the snake's parents from the breeder. Mom is Motley-Stripe het Amel, Anery, and Hypo. Dad was Coral Ghost Stripe het Amel.
Now I'm confused. This combination does not include Ultra at all, which would mean that the labeling on the snake's container lid in the original post was incorrect. Is it possible that the breeder confused something, maybe the sales record? I'd ask again. Not trying to be confrontational about it, mistakes happen. But those parents can't produce the combo listed if everyone is correctly labeled.

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I have a pic of the breeding notes. You are correct. There's no indication of Ultra. My best guess is that the breeder didn't realize that het hypo and het strawberry create a 3rd color morph that is between hypo and strawberry. In his notes, he had a question mark by the word ultra.
Ah, so you're thinking the snake is a Hypoberry Motley with the listed hets.

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