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Sparrow - Amel


Olivia Barron
This cute little girl was part of a non-feeder lot I picked up. She's done quite well for me, although she occasionally will refuse food still.


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I've got a soft spot for amels, as my first corn was an amel. Congrats on getting her going. Nonfeeders are so stressful, and it feels so amazingly wonderful when a stubborn baby decides that eating is a good thing.
My first was an amel too; I definitely have a soft spot for them as well! Sparrow is a very good eater now. She's moved up to peach fuzzies and never refuses a meal anymore. It's always such a relief to get them eating, and then even more of a relief once they're past pinkies.
This little girl isn't so little anymore! She never refuses food anymore and is the largest snake out of the lot of non-feeders (all of which are no longer non-feeders). Her colors are really starting to intensify.


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She's beautiful! Such satiated colors. What were her parents?

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I didn't produce her, so I haven't seen her parents, but they were a ghost bloodred het amel and a lavender tessera with a bunch of hets.
Lol I meant "saturated colors." Perhaps they're also satiated, idk.[emoji854] I do make too many typos on my own but this new phone does a lot of weird things in the vocabulary substitution department.

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This girl's color has just continued to intensify. I have 'rarer' morphs, but I am always drawn to her bright red!


  • 20221122_211500.jpg
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Yup, I think she's red factor. She wasn't sold as that, but it seems pretty dang likely to me. She is het strawberry as well. I'm not super familiar with strawberry, but I'm wondering if it's possible she's homozygous strawberry?
I love Sparrow. It's nice to see an update on her. I agree that she's Red Factor. Strawberry is also possible, I would think, from her visual appearance. If it's possible for her genetically I wouldn't be at all surprised if she's homo Strawberry. Her coloring is quite similar to a RF Strawberry Bloodred girl of mine.

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This girl is absolutely glowing! Considering she was a non-feeder to start with, I'm amazed that she's the same size and larger than my other 2021s who were not non-feeders.


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