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Would like to buy okeetees


New member
Hello, I have an adult male okeetee and I’m looking to buy an adult female to breed. I am also interested in purchasing okeetee hatchlings. Who has the best looking, largest, healthiest, most thoroughbred okeetees these days? The male I have is about 5 years old. His parents were hand selected by me from Bill and Kathy Love’s collection years ago. They were my first time breeding and he is the only one left. He is very beautiful. Anyways please let me know who has the best ones these days. Is Abbott still a breeder? Anyone’s else? Looking to get back into it from a quality standpoint. Thanks
Don Soderberg of South Mountain Reptiles has some amazing Okeetees every year.
Travis Whistler Reptiles also produces great looking animals.

Lee Abbott is still breeding but I never seen his animals for sale outside of FL shows like the Daytona NARBE.