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  • A quick update on Lazarus, now Thane, he's holding steady at 437g, such a sweetheart, he got a brand new 4'x2'x17.5" tank from AP plastic cages for Christmas. He's quite lovely, and is a delight to hold. Although I wish he didn't like to play grab and constrict my hair :). He eats well, never a problem in that department.
    Just wanted to send a quickie update on Shivers. SUCH a "cool dude". He lives in my bedroom and normally when I come in, he is up pretty quickly, head weaving around, wanting to come out for a "jaunt". He is totally the sweetest guy I have. Sometimes I want to bred him -not because of great genes, they are unkn, but simply because he is the sweetest snake. Thank you for him, life is good.

    Yes, she's doing fantastic! Sorry for not updating; I've just been extremely busy. She is eating and shedding without any problem! I'll take a new picture after she comes out of her shed :)
    Hey!! I want to say I love that wolf that is in the picture very beautiful I love wolfes.
    Hey AliCat, I saw your response to Winged Sweetheart on vision cages. You said you have your snakes in 2'x2'x18" cages. I was wondering where you bought them and what kind of top/lid they have. Thanks!
    HEY EVERYONE!! I'M WORKING ON MY PROMISED SNOW CORN SHED TIMELINE!! I noticed Amethyst dulling out a few days ago, and sure enough, her eyes are going blue!! I will be posting the entire timeline once her shed is complete! Hope this will help anyone who has questions about their snow corn shedding :)
    Hey Ali... Brought home a baby Ball Python Male (Normal), and Need a good name for him... Any good ideas??? Keep in mind, that eventually I will get him a mate, & would like him to have a name that will go with hers... Examples : Dom & Letti (Fast & Furious), Lestat & Akasha (Vampire Chronicles), Ozzy & Sharon (Osbourne), Neo & Trinity (Matrix), Etc....
    Thanks, for the response on Exo vs Zilla topic... What could I mate w/ a female butter to get a nice/unusual offspring (something striped preferred) ???
    In your opinion, which would better serve my female Butter Corn best, an 18x18x18 Exo Terra Cage or A Zilla Critter Cage 20 Gallon Long??? I'm looking to give her the best home I can....
    Hi alicat! Can you tell me more about your bull snake? I really want to learn about them. Thanks!
    OWL HAS HIT 200 GRAMS!! YAY!! I don't weigh them often, but it's nice to do it once in a while :) He's come so far from that little 4 gram baby!
    Thank you alicat37 I did find that if you obtain a hobbist licence from the division of fish and game you can get a permit to have them.snakeman2241966
    oh no! It's scary. I paid thru paypal, I didn't look to see if she accepts other payments.

    It's under the tools, gifts section. I'm going to cancel my probes so she can ship the nutribac sooner.

    I hope our guys recover.
    Hello Alicat thanks for being on my friends list you give out great advise and I'm happy to have meet you. :)
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