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  • Hi been speaking to nanci,but she is not on line now. corn eggs at 50 days, have had extreme heat which according to everything could cause early hatching. enough moisture in the container where eggs are kept. all eggs still white and been candled all looking good. eggs formed like lines or ridges about 4 days ago nanci said hatching drawing close. as of this morning one egg dimpled then puffed out again then dimpled again then puffed out again. it has dimpled now for the third time. eggs are extremely soft . is this a defenite sign of hatching or could it be something else
    I was thinking of him just the other day actually. I have him on my phone and wondered how he's looking. I will be anxious to see him! PM me if you post pics bc I'm not on here much. I would probably miss them if you don't pm me. Thanks for the update :)
    Hi Boo boo thanks for being on my friends list looks like I am the frist friend you have. ;)
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