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  • The eggs are ectothermic. Their temp is controlled by the room, they can not produce heat.
    As you know, 90 is dangerously high, and you might lose a few embryos. I hatch at an average of 63 days at 84. They get a little softer and darker about a week before hatching. The eggs will usually start dimpling in as if they are dry in the last few days.
    They sound like they are getting close to hatching! The shells, to me, start to feel "thin." They can also develop dents, like they are getting dehydrated. Unless your moss is drying out, resist adding any moisture. I would expect hatching within a week, now.
    I'll go look at your thread. Yes, heat in the 90's can cause problems. You need to put the eggs in the most stabile, cool place you can. An interior closet, close to the floor, or in a basement if you have one. Or in an air-conditioned room. Cooler is better than hot. The temp does influence incubation length.
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