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  • Hey, I saw an old post you made about the Alabama corns and it really got me interested in what projects you may be working on with these. I'm from central Al and have an exceptional wc female example of this locality and was interested to know if you have any males that are breeder size. If I cant find one herping I will want one from someone who has examples as nice as yours and mine. Yours look very nice. Thanks, Mike
    I was looking for the thread where Zayvion (Alabama Tessera male) sired the clutch for you last year, but I cannot find it. Did it get deleted?
    ooh! Well congratulations! Luck seems to be a surprisingly big part in discovering to coolest cornsnake morphs!
    Thanks, he is SO great! I will definitely be keeping a close eye for more like him from you in the coming years, how do you get the sunspot look without sunkissed genes?
    Hey Buzzard, do you have any photos of that sunspot now that he's older?
    I stalked your website and didn't see any, and I'm curious because so many of the corn snake morphs change drastically in appearance and coloration with age.
    Hello Buzzard, I keep staring at the snake that is your icon picture, could you tell me exactly what color/morph he/she is, so I can start dreaming of owning one?
    Hi, buzz it was nice meeting you today hope to see you at repticon. and thanks for all the help and being so kind to us
    Hey Buzzard I have too change my color for the writing lol it's not you how have you been? I hope all is well with you. :)
    Opps spell your name wrong sorry here I will fix it for ya lol Buzzard sorry about that. :)
    Hey send me some prices on those hypos and the normal and the ultramel when you get time. I trying to find a christmas present since im not giving up the normal I bought saturday.lol Also give me an idea of shipping cost in case we might not be able to meet somewhere before christmas. Thank you
    Hey Buzzard, I was wanting to check to see how many of those lil normals you have left like i bought from you sat. I should have went on and got them them but didn't but wanted to see what you had left and waht kind of deal would you let me get them at..You told me 40 at the show and yu had 1 female and 5 males. Thanks man
    I was looking at that snake the other night. I have an ultramel with that pattern on it and im supposed to be picking up a hypo blood with a similar pattern. By the way that is a very cool snake.
    Yea still trying to figure this thing out.lol Had a blast saturday glad to finally meet you its good to have faces with names. That is the kind of sale I like to go too. So many corn snakes to choose from.
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