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  • Terri, a bought a snake from you and I didn't even realize it! I was that person who asked about the snow motley/stripe and it ended up being a male. I bought your amel girl. I saw your name on the card and then realized it was you! I've named the snake Peach. She is big and has quite an attitude lol!
    Hello :) I'm from jacksonville illinois and am looking for a nearby corn breeder/seller, can I ask where you're from?
    Halloween is my favorite time of year. Hopefully we can make it- again, if I'm not on the rig I'll be there. Are you driving down or flying? If you still want Seramas (the mini chickens), I could bring you eggs if you're flying or a subadult/adult trio if your driving!
    Is NARBC going to be in Houston this year and not Dallas/ft. worth? IF I'm not on the oil rigs, I'll be at the show! That is my favorite show. I'm gonna try and make the Daytona shows as much as possible in the future- I heard it was a pain this past year- Florida Fish & Wildlife wanting hatchling dates and sources (along with the regular stuff) on EVERYTHING on the tables...
    Well yes and no. I'm not a big fan of amel mudding up the water but the stripe thing is good! Means my male is Lav het amel stripe lava ph bloodred! Next year I'll be pairing him with two of his sisters. Striped Lava Lavs or Lava Lav Bloods would be acceptable...lol. I won't be making it to Tinley but I'll take good care of your Amel Stripe till when.
    Your answer is in this simple riddle: I proved your amel stripe to be het lavender and my lavender to be het amel stripe.
    Down to two eggs, one hatched this afternoon. Remember you said since your girl's from Joe good chance she's het Lavender, huh, huh, huh??
    Love you, miss you and I'm sending an unlimited number of those " H" things you love so much..
    Talk to me about the empty nest and anything else. As much as you hate to hear it.."I Love You, Mang!!!"
    Nawh- I won't be in Daytona this year...I have multiple herping trips planned for New Mexico and arizona... Daytona falls during PRIME snakehunting season. I'll miss seeing y'all....
    5 of the 6 eggs have gone bad, the only good one is right in the middle of green and fuzz...yuck!
    She might be but it will be on her own unless I put her with my Rhino... Never got the sani chips, thought you forgot about me again.
    Well, she gave us 6 eggs and 8 slugs. I'll let you know how they do, they look a little iffy....
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