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  • Shane, I received the animals this morning and I couldn't be happier. They all look amazing and are in superb health. Really top notch all around. Thanks again for everything, and I look forward to doing business again in the very near future! -Jeremy-
    What are the Hets on the zipper motley (if it is still available). And would you be able to provide a shipping estimate for 10040.
    Thank you
    Got my baby today that I ordered from you and he is more gorgeous than in the picture! You were so courteous! Thanks so much for the precious baby and great customer service!
    Shane - you should let some of us Floridians know when/where you will be here and maybe we can plan a GTG...
    Thank you JS. It was tough but we are doing much better. Grandma was a wonderful lady and her love of people was evident.
    I just want to leave some good positive feedback for Shane... I got my snakes in today that I ordered, they are all stunning, better than their pictures, you will NOT regret dealing with him. He's patient, understanding, and produces some great stock! :) Thanks so much Shane!
    Hey Shane,dont know if you got my message but wanted to thank you for sharing the table with me! Did you hatch out that albino BP? I dont know what I was thinking I shoulda bought it! WAH LOL
    I dont know... Maybe mouse factory... never use them... I just placed an order through rodent pro but nobody wanted to join in... should have gotten in on that!
    Hey what's up? Long time no talk? Hey there used to be a shop that sells frozen mice in Riverside right? What's the name of the place? Is it still around?
    I will be in fountain valley or santa ana... gotta check the invite... on the 20th. If you want to come over to that neck of the woods or meet somewhere along the way. Otherwise that is two trips for a sale. I cannot guarantee that the same animal will be available unless you make some sort of deposit. Something, 15-20 is fine. I have done this before and had people back out which then causes me to lose out on sales.

    Sound good?
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